Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Credits : Mr tamagoh.
I grabbed from his facebook one .
I'm one small tiny behind holding the poster.
Damm useful one okay .
26 rudiments.

Slept at 830 yst .
Damm tired.
Met SJ @730
& bused to Hougang CC to meet Jamie.
While waiting for bus .
That ducky called
& he say his father fetch us .
So ,
We reach TPJC at 830 .
Bloody early.
Me&Jamie still thought of sleeping in the bus mansxz.
& duck's dad told us that he sings in the bathroom .
We were like laughing till wthhhhhh.
It was 830 .
& sean reached there also .
Walked down to 7-11
Bought starbucks
I finished in 5mins
That duck say I dont appericate.
Whatever the spelling is.
Lecture /Course by Ms tan .
Same as last year .
The workshop for committees during last year's band camp .
Conducting .
I was damm tired.
& I was soooooo near to use my hands to open my eyes.
I think my conducting skills improve.
Johnathan damm serious la.
Walked to idk where to have lunch .
Its damm heart warming lo .

& most importantly ,
Its cheap.

Walked back
& talked many things.
Inner inner sercets.
Find many many things in order for percussion to play.
What a cute invention .
Idea by : ANGIE!

My cute bottle.
Ignore the face , thankyou.
Disturb Jonathan before full band .
Cause he was playing pet society.
Then ,
After band .
Trained down to Dhoby with duck &fenny .
To pass Edwin the tickets.
Then trained back to hougang
Bought bandung soya bean
& bused home .
Eat , bath & sleep.

Almost couldnt wakeup today.
Bought milktea
Headed to school.
Jamie bought bread for those who didnt eat .
Like me :D
Kaya bread : traditional band breakfast provided by exco (jamie)
Had a lecture with Mr Leonard Tan this morning .
Power lecture.
Kinda useful la .
According to him ,
He said that he told the same thing for NCO camp.
Talking NCO camp .
Its making me real sad.
& he did many things.
&I'm so proud of myself
& our band today.
Because we got positive attitude towards band practices.
Like how passionate we are towards

I really really understand
Why our school didnt allow colorful clips&bands.
Because it make girls look like bimbos
In school uniform & thsoe colorful stuffs.
低调You know


Emmanuel ,zhaofa & cheris 's product of the day.
The face .neck & legs all have.

They say its donald duck + hello kitty .
But it looks like doraemon with whiskers to me.

Had packed lunch after the lecture.
I dint have enough time to finish .
But I found a super tiny cute mushroom.

Had full band with Mr Surapol.
Finally ,
Percussion knows what is wrong & what is right
& no more excuseds to whose who doesnt want to practice.

Took bus with Sj &duck.
Met my aunt in the bus.
& Sj call my aunt , auntie.
My aunt damm unhappy .
Cause she say she still very young.
Her age : 15 + 12.

Today is a very fun but short day .
Tml's the concert.
those who haven buy tickets .
Shy or what.
Just call me & buy
Okay ?

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