Thursday, December 04, 2008


Staying at home make me feel damm restless&tired .
I cant resist my bed,
That's the main point .

There's BANDDDD tml .

I wanna go
Mahjong with clique ,
Sentosa with Clique
Cherie's BBQ with idk who ,
Kbox & Arab with fenny
Hajilane with mum ,
Bugis with myself
ClassChalet with classmates
Concerts with band friends .

I did something damm cute yst .
I put my phone in one of my angel gloves
& kor&son msged me ,
The whole glove lighted up .
Damm cute laaaaa.
Then I put eye mo on the other hand
Cause Idk what to do with the gloves ,
I started stuffing things inside .

Merry Christamas.

Rmb to buy me Xmas present

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