Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh yeahs .
Super High ,
Cause .
Damm it la .
Grounded agains for tml .
Supposed to go out with Jocelyn they all .

Fresh Air on thursday .
& there's meeting for me.

Next week & next next week is great.
TPJC Band festival
I'm so gonna go buy stuff with fenny after our workshops.

Had fun today .
Stress though .
But not if stress as HKtrip

Reuben's PREGNANT!
Muhahas ,
Sight read snare drum part,
Its like so OMG >
But its so much easier than mallets .
Not fair .

Zhuzhu told me that he rejected two cute girls yst.
He say they wrote letters for him .
Can we have this trend in Singapore ?
Its so cool la .
So 保守,
Unlike Singapore la ,
Anyhow 舌吻。
This trends will never happen in Singapore la.
People in Singapore goes like that .
Boys: *ask girls* Can I have your number.
*Talk a few days*
Boy : Can you be my stead.

Girls is more complicated.
Its either they flirt with guys
& makethem ask for stead
Girl : I really like you leis , we try to be together okay .
Boys :*if the girl chio* Okay lor .

People nowadays.
Sluts ,

Grant me C905 .

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