Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hello monsters.
Rodney is dumb & stupid la .
Still dare to say he from 4e1

Mum woke me up at 12.
When I told her that I needa leave home at 12
She really.
Dad fetched me to school .
& ya .
Had band ,
Boss came back today.
Damm cute la.
I already have 10 qsns to ask during the bandfest thing .
& Mr Chiang say we played a little boring for part J
I think .
Then , guess what percussion was doing .
(Vigi& Sengjun)
Dancing , Ballet.
Due to EMO music .
I laughed till I dropped .
Then ,
SJ went under the vibes to play the triangle.
(Cause he clipped the triangle on the stand.)
I laughed as usual .
Boss laughed as well .
Had fun today.
Inner secrets,
Walked home with kengteng.
Dam busy .
Trapped at home tml .
Cfm .
So like ,
I just know that there's quite a few inner jokes.
& sengjun is still my slave :}

I want pierce my earrrrrrrrrr.
Pack room also .
Practise my electone too .
Fk la .
So many things not done .
Haven start studying yet .
Worst part.

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