Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good morning.
Had band today .
As usual .
But today was damm fun la.

Percussion was super duper high .
As though we taken drugs.
But we didnt la .
We are pure &innocent
But mad people.
Dont miss the concert.
Its very fun de .
We can make you dance .
Believe it or not .
Had announcement in the voiddeck.
Cause the school closing alr.
Like wtf?
Super big illegial gathering la .
Went to Mac ,
Slacked .
Didnt really slacked okay .
Was phoning almost everyone in my contact to go for the concert.
Causing me &diyan to have some kinda compeition.
See who can sell more tickets.
Ronald's helping me .
I'm so touched that
I nearly said I love him .
Cause he got more bands to promote .
Called all my primary schoolmates.
All dance de all join band.
Damm cute la.
I carried the crashcymbals home okay ?
& that kengteng still say wanna walk home .
When we have
Workshop tml ,
By Singapore top drummer.
Charging my phone now .
See if can take photo .
Tml's a very fun day.
Workshop in the morning ,
Sectionals , then Kbox.
I hope boss lets me go .
Then maybe going for Daryl's POP.
Tuition on Saturday.
Mum change tutor.
Damm it la ,
I want Adrian back
I dont want that new tutor .
Nvm ,
I shall make FULL USE of my mum's money .
My fave : Flood him with qsns.
Then Cherie's BBQ.
Sunday , sleep at home .
Cfm trapped at home de .
Unless go pass friends ticket.

Walaos eh .
Buy tickets from me la .
I'm gonna pm everyone in msn untill they gimme a reply .
Watch us perform so diffucult meh ?
Tsk ,idoit leis you all.
I also never go to you & point a knife mansxz.

"We are like two empires fighting over a kingdom .Can we win ?"
-Angie :]

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