Sunday, November 16, 2008

3more days.
& I'm very worried.

Had sectionals with fredy & tp peeps.
Jiamin imatiting me lo.
whatever the spelling is .
Wilson also .
But the atmosphere damm high lo .

After band .
Went to eat pizza.
With Diyan vigi emman clarence.
Damm high lo
Went hub.
& met Adrian again.
With his GF.

Bloody hell.
& I had a deal with him :]
Went home & had electone class .

Shopping with vigi tml.
& there's philyouth tunein tml.
& meeting somefriends tml.

Bloodyhell ,
Damm busy.
Busy untill I havnt buy stuff for the trip.
& prepare the stuffs!

What's wrong with friendster nowadays?

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