Friday, November 14, 2008

Time flies, I do flies.
Went for band early to mop the floor.
Damm dirty.
TPJC peeps was early
& they are nice people i guess.
For my section, they are nice.
Gik Teng, Jiamin , Garbriel , Wilson.
Did stroking for today's sectionals.
Didnt did it for ages.
Had the pre tour briefing,
It's kinda boring though.
Mr steven say that we need to keep our clothes
& everything in our lauguagge,
Like WTH,
So , our white shirt gonna grow mushrooms lo(?)
After band , went home.

No more mahjong on tuesday .
Gonna be postponed.
Till I'm back from HK I guess.
I really appreciated those kindness la.
Trying to go according to my scheldue & stuff.
As there is councillor meeting at 230.
Gonna plan for class chalet too.
Book alr & its left unattended.
Cute la.

Got to go.
Band's at 830 tml.

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