Friday, November 28, 2008

I guess I should go back for religious already.
I reaslised that I had missed down alot alot of fun mansxz.

Just for my dear zhuzhu :
shuaige =帅哥,
I guess you needa brush up your singlish
Its a bad lauguage though.

Busy day.
Dad sent to me to school.
I was like ,
Still late for meeting.
Cause I was waiting for Victoria to kiss me .
Meeting end &chiong to another place.
okay , skip.
Went fiona's chalet after that.
Had fun
Surprise her .
Scolded almost everyone act cute.
Damm funny la.
I scold people act cute
Reuben scold people pregnant.
We tio complained by those NPCC NCO next door.
We at our place play they also not happy.
They damm kuku,
11 plus all close door sleep liaos
Left with Addy Ducky.
Walked to DTE ,
Chat along the way
Buy drink.
Met Cherie there.
& Cabbed home with duck .
The uncle say I look younger than duck.
Chatting with eyo makes me feel great.
I want stead with her siol!

I'm hunting for hunks.
Any volunteers?
I dont like hair short short one .
Damm act cute la.

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