Friday, November 07, 2008

Wokeup at 1030
&chiong to school at 11.
Did some percussion stuff .
Went to cbm with Emman
& bought lunch for perc.
Had lunch with the section.
&had sectionals with fredy/
& discuss some funny funny things
Chiong out of school.
With Yuenyee jie , & Clarence sonny
& Changed.
& cabbed to CCAB.
Damm exp.
But the uncle was great
He found ways to arrive faster .
Cause we told him that we in a rush.
Played psp in the cab .
& we missed the first part of the show.

34th NCO POP.
I ought to be inside lor.

Band majors.
This band ar ,
SYF sure get gold one.
All are band majors,
Mainly the best players in each band.
I guess.
Conducted by Mr Leonard Tan.
PhilWinds Conductor ,
& one of Singapore's best conductor.

Drum majors march in .

They did some formation & basic stunts.
Bloody nice.

This is Ronald.
I knew him for i dont know how many years.
He's a nice friend, since primaryschool.
I remember chatting on the phone with him every friday
When i was primary six.
& now he's a drummmmm major.
& his bandmajor damm shuai !

This is Anderson.
I call him ice cream
I know him for less than a year.
But , he never fails to cheer me up whenever I'm down.
He's my best pal.
&he's a drum major too.

Me & Yuenyee jie.

Yuenyee , me & Rus.
That is Russael.
Ronald have a nickname for him
But I cant remember
Rus is retarded.
I know him for god knows how many years.
& He's a band major too.
Chongboon Band knows hims
&JoeyW. calls him forgetful
& something like that.
He loves to bully me .
& He still owe me a bouquet of flowers
& Paris buffet, & Yami yoghurt.

The performance was great.
& yupps.
Chatted with Anderson & Ronald awhile
& they like ,
Gangup & bully me lor!
Met BMSS peeps there.
The drummajor , Weijie , Ivan & peeps.
Damm cute la.
We walked to them
& said HIIII.
The DM was like..
A: hi
DM: hi, you can rmb me ar.
A: nopes, i rmb your band uni.
He was like , sian diao.
Baded Goodbye.

Rus call Ronald ,
& like he didnt pickup
& he called me.
Thought all 6 could eat together
But Ronald didnt managed to eat with us
& Anderson got something to settle.
Idk what ,
He have not share it with me.
He sounded serious though.
Cabbed down to AMK hub
With Rus , Yuenyee & Clarence
Many laughters in the cab
Rus did many funny things.
He ask the driver if she was tired.
& if she can put a messenger in the cab.
Then the angmos will be like
Singapore's so hotttt!
-Quoted from Rus
& many many things la .
Walked all the way to sumo house
Ate dinner at sumo house
& damm funny la.
The boss like , seats for ?
clarence: 4.
Rus: no , 5.*then points at the tuba*
The boss was pretty kind.
He's like ,
He let out a space for Rus's tuba.
All execpt Yuenyee makan ,
I was very hungry.
Chatted awhile after meal.
Rus send Yuenyee home .
While we all went seperate ways.
Went home .
Mum ranted ...
Bathed & such .
Chatted with rus awhile.
& blogged.
Thats all for today.

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