Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hi kiddos .
Wokeup .
Eat some disgusting porridge ,
& Practise .
Lesson brought forward today .
to 430.
Learnt new song.
Waa, finally .
Went hougang mall for dinner after class.
Ajisen :]
Ohya ,
I met Adrian & gf there.
I was like messenging him under the table .
In case mummy sees .
& because he was disturbing me.
& I was like controling my laughter.
His gf paid for the bill .
Shopped around .
Bought a hello kitty notebook .
& some cute little bottles of nail polish.
Gonna go doc's place due to my stupid eyelashes.
Its blurring my vision .
Damm it .
Then ,
I dontknow what the hell they will do to me already .
Bought bbt
& headed home .

他妈的, 他想气到我爆炸

I love my hellokitty themed laptop.

I love my super striaght & style fringe.

I love my craziness.

Upcoming events
due to someone ,
who totally left me out of his bloody scheldue.(-.-)
-Going plan for 2echo 's outing
- Meetup & shopping with Jocelyn ahyi!(12Nov)
-PhilYouths sit in session with tom & peeps.(16Nov)
-HongKong Trip!(19Nov to 23 Nov)
-Percussion Outing!
-Kbox with fenny!
- Gonna attend Cherie's BBq birthday party.(TBC /dec)
-Some christmas party?
-Christmas Dinner at Aunt May house(25Dec,evening)
-Class chalet!(30Dec2007-1Jan2008)
Those who wanna date me out,
Please book me 2weeks in advance.

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