Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgot to wish you justnow.

Shake it mama!
Today was a !@#$&$% day.
Mum woke me up at 130 .
Chiong to school
But still late.
Had sectionals & fullband
I do not like people who fool around during band
I feel like giving them one tight slap each
Weather had change ,
Do takecare of yourselves people.
Especially band members,
6 more days
& we are heading to hongkong.
& im down with flu.

Fenny says that bbt causes cancer,
Thus, I'm cutting down alr.
There's pre tour briefing tml
& tpjc peepos are coming down for combined
Pretty excited about this sunday's program.
Gonna meet bandmates, & anderson&rus .
& go for philyouth's tunein.
Still thinking if I should join.
Percentage is kinda low.
But it might be worth a try la.
I know my standards.
Sure cant get in one.
After that , gonna watch movie with Adrian .
In collabration , with his birthday.
Busy pig -.-

Sat's band too

& there's councillor meeting for me & some exco .
on tuesday.
My mahjong .
Its on tues too.
one day before my trip.

Yes, I'm gonna rant.
I realised the change in me .
I'm becoming more & more mean , bitchy & sadistic.
Imma bitch that nags?

1.I had many attempts trying to kill hamster,
& got damm high after that .
I love seeing them looking so helpless, scared.

2.Trying to break couples up.
Even mine(?)
Even adults.
I mean like dislike relationship.
I'm not trying to say that guys are jerks ,&stuff.
Some guys aint , but some girls are.
But greater percentage at guys la.
For what i've seen with my own eyes.

First, it means you are throwing many probs into your face.
Look around man , my friends around me are not happy about their r/s at all lo.
Serious, even adults lo

Second, no guarantee happiness.
Tell me which couple in this world gotten real happiness
That lasted forever.

Third, no true love in this world la.
So long as i love my steady .
How the bloodyhell I know that he really loves me?

Fourth, R/s make people loses friends.
Its either you lost your friends during r/s
Or you lost ur steady as a friend after breakup.

Fifth, it cause more stress.

Sixth, not happy what ,then what's the point to continues?
Guys tend to dont understand what girls really what ,
& still claims as though they knows everything.

Seventh, I've seen too much cases of r/s probs
Like the guys ignore the girls for god knows whatever reasons.
This is damm common though .
Even for me.

Eighth, even there's true love.
Friends psyco.

Nineth, there's abuse .
I saw many many case like,
Husbands beat wives,& even kill them -.-
Boyfriend scolds girlfriends,&stuff.
&i dontlike it.

Tenth, I think that marriage is a total waste of time.
Whats the point when you get married
& then divorce?
Or you illtreat your another'lifetime' partner.
Love is not gonna stay forever de lor.
Its gonna get more & more bland,
zz, & continue for the sake of kids.
Greatness yea?

3.I tends to stop being as cheerful as before alr.
I dontknow why .
I just tend to dislike things around me .
Those attitudes & lifestyles.

4.Its so not used watching tv.
TV sucks.
Keep showing those old shows.
Repeating &repeating.
& all not nice one .

5.I shouted at mum when she did things that I dontlike.
i just got damm tensed up about it.
& i hate it.
& i wanna revenge.-.-

6. I feel like cutting my face,
& bites myself.

7. I wanna lock myself in my room.
Just peace.
& I hope no ones gonna care about that.

8. I sorta wanna buy those ahlians clothes.
I dontknow when the hell I got my taste so bad.
But I didnt buy.

9. I feel like torturing those people damm fucking irritating
Those who act one big de.
I've gotten my plan in my mind alr.

10. I like to see blood recently,
Seeing it flowing out of the wound
Makes me feel damm happy.

What's wrong with me mansxz.

Last but not least,
Grates to addison go made it through for the campus superstar.

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