Wednesday, November 26, 2008


''So so what, I am a rock star.''

Its fun ,
& very stressing ,
For me .
I didnt really looked forward for it.
But overall its still alrights .
Sometimes things are so unexpected.
Coping in another country .
When I have no idea how the country is like
& worst , I'm managing a band.
&It's a learning experience for me .
But after the trip .
I feel like immgrating there.
Maybe not .
Longer stay I think.
The weather rocks.
The outside is colder than the inside.
Things there are very expensive
Singapore better ,
Its cheaper& clean& green .
I hardly see trees growing on streets ,
Apart from mountains .

Day 1.

Labels : Adapt.adapt.

Cabbed to school with kengteng .
Breifing & stuff.
Headed to airport.




Had lunch.
Food that I've never seen before.

Amanda Angie Jiewei.

Hoodies percussion.

Had City Tour after that.

Ticket for Tram .
Up Victoria peak.

The tram + Joey


Me& hassinahhhhhh,

Up on the peak.
I bought gifts for my wifes there,
Headed for dinner after that,

& Off to see the symphothy of lights.
Nice la .
But I think that its a waste of electricity,
No offence ,
But seriously.
Music & Laser .
Noise + Air pollution (?)

Had some free time.
Chiong to SOGO.
& buy stuff.
The packaging damm cute.
Check In hotel & rest.

Day 2.
Labels : Fruitful day.
Had dimsum for breakfast
& guess what ,
I saw hair on my dimsum .
& the spring roll was very very oily.
I ate half way
& I dripped oil from my spoon
& showed everyone .
MrChiang was like , OMG>
Went to Singapore international school.
& performed .
Auxillaries, one off-tune xylo , electrical drumset.
ohmys la.

Had packed mac for lunch .
The oil there like one litre 10cents like that .
Damm oily la.
Lucky they all serve tea.
Went to other school .
Performed & Had instrument workshop./

Pretty right ?
I told her that she's damm shuai .
She's Eyo .
She taught me many things.
She was damm shocked when I talk to her in canto.
I got her msn .
She say she wanna come& study in Singapore
& I told her to tutor us#

Fullband after that.
American Alegy
We got nothing to do .
So we talked & communicate.
mymys, what the diff.
My canto sucks.
Thus, I mixed
Canto + english
They totally dont understand.

Solution: SMS .
We type the words we wanna say .
& reply through phone .
Cool right ?

Me , Zhuzhu , BFF.

Vigi , Me , zhuzhu.
Zhuzhu cute right ?
He's gonna go Japan for Judo compeition.
He's my shuaige, :]
No snatching.
I was very happy .
Zhuzhu say I very pretty.

猪猪: 你看, 我多好。我夸你耶

Group photo.

Went Women's Street.
Bought Domokun bag,
for percussion.
SL pay ;]
Damm cheap .
You look at the size ,
& the price.
Roughly Day 3. Labels : Bloody day.
Kinda unlucky lo .
Tio alot of scoldings.
Had breakfast at delifrance ,
The milktea like no milk like that
& make me add 2 packets of sugar.
Had Clinic session .
For Goddess of victory.
Due to lack of practice.
My skills got some rust.
It was damm fun
The conductor taught me many tips to make the band better.
& I guess it make torture ya ?

Me , Vigi & perc's Domokun.

Headed to SKCP
For Band exchange.
They make me so disappointed la
Made new friends,
Grace & suki

They are better then the hunk.
See him quite goodlooking ,
attitude so bad.

Group photo.

Me & Grace.
She's pretty right ?

I dontknow their names ,
But they took photo with me :]

Headed to Hongkong Heritage Museum.
Refer to my wretch for more pictures.

This is cute.
Mrs Ng take photo of Ms Ang ,
& vice versa.

One angie & manymany vigi(s)

Had dinner after that .
& Mike intro this to us .
I was complaining to ms tan about the exchange we had in the morning .
I was damm hurt & disappointed la .
I mean like ,
We are supposed to learn together ,
& they had this kinda attitude .
Its not gonna bring them & their music far lor .
Damm disappointed,
Learning with a not- sincered heart.
How cans ?

Cheap soveneirs
By emmanuel.

Zai right ?
Headed to some shopping mall.
Waste time ,
Took neoprint

Took this outside neoprint shop.

Some singer sang
But I dontknow who .
Was late ,
& tio scolding lor.
We didnt do it on purpose.
What if Shirley got an asthma attack .
How am i suppose to answer?

Day 4
Labels : Performance at Disneyland.

My breakfast.
Believe it or not ,
Chongboon Band seriously performed in Disneyland
Havnt received the photos & videos yet .
So enjoy/

Flower Mickey/
Green eyes. o.o

Percussion , CBSS + TPJC

Committee :D
Missing :Zhaojing, Yiting

This is one of a kind.
Excos with Mr Chiang ,
Weird faces :]

Me & Jiewei.

The performance was great.
We make the audience dance with us .
Cool right ?
Because percussion dance .
Professional Dancers :]
The drumset spoil de.

That's the best ride in the theme park
I guess.
Walaos , I almost flew out of the thing.

This meal costs $10++
The burger isnt nice
But the packaging is cute.
Thats for lunch.
BFF's nice ,
He treat us a drink.

Me& Lena.
I love NewYork while She loveHongkong

Rocker minnie.
I'm majorRAT :x


Isnt she cute?
I dontknow her ,
But just take photo with her .
& I ask her parents for permission

Minnie Angie & wishing well.

Its damm nice .

Ice cream
Nice & expensive

Mickey icecream.

The rest at my wretch

We had animation workshop .
Waste of timeeeeee.!
The one I like was the drawing of Daisy duck.
whatever her name is .
I draw untill the eyes one big one small .
I didnt shout it out ,
But people behind manage to hear it .
& laughs.
The whole workshop ,
YuYang was drawing Machine Guns .
Hahas ,
He's bloody angry with tchers consficating his psp
Thinking that the PSP cause machine guns sound.
Ohya , I lost Xiaoli in disneyland.
Thank god she found vigi & rebekah.
Left Disneyland
& Headed for dinner .
Went hotel
& Pack instruments,
Damm tired lo .

Day 5 Labels : Repluse Bay , Return to SG

After Repulse Bay was Golden Flower.

Golden Flower,
China gave Hongkong.
Wantd to take photo with it .
But, ZZZ.

Me& vigi .
Look damm pale ,
Because of the lips .

Hongkong exhibition centre.
I think it looks like swallow.(燕子)

Hello kitty candy

I took this because ,
The ad board's damm cute la.

Had lunch .
& its damm suck .
Those going HK.
food sucks.
cheese is rotten & smelly.
waitress go toilet never wash hand.
the fish fillet not fresh fish .
Went citygate for last min shopping .
Kns ,
Alot of people had stomachahe
Including me -.-
Wth , Damm cheap lo that place.
All branded somemore.
Because all is factory outlet.
Bought Ayden a set of clothes & a tanktop for myself.
Was damm happy
Cause vigi& I was stalked by some cute guy .
But not enough time .
Otherwise got his MSN already.
I told MrChiang &bernard.
Bernard's reaction :*look around* ''Where?where's that guy''
MrChiang's reaction :''Good lor , good for you all''
Headed to Airport.

Touch down ,
Went home

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