Sunday, October 19, 2008


12years & still counting.
Meetup with Yunxin today
Trained down to bugis.
& chillllllllllll-ed/
Makan at Pastamania.
& chatted alot.
Went to Bugis Street .
& I realised that Ringoya not close .
Is open new branch .
I bought a pencil from Grace.
& chatted with her alittle.
Too long very catchup already.
Walked around
& like , there's so many things i wanna buy la.
Too bad .
No cash .
& I forgot to bring my tummystud.
Gonna go out after someone's exam.
Ohya ,
I met ryman
When we were leaving street.
Took neoprint & stuff.
Went to a shop
Bought hp strip .
& the boss wanted to hired us .
Cool right ?
Of course we agreed la.
Trained to Dhoby Gaut .
whatever the spelling is .
&slacked awhile.
Trained back hougang
Go home.
Slept till 9 plus/
wokeup .
& blog.

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