Wednesday, October 08, 2008

POA -Cleared!
Amaths the last paper .
& can slack already

POA was okay .
Thank god I got Saikit to go through with me
Very tired now
very very .
Went sumo house to eat just now .
with leemei & jocelyn dearestest
Eat untill my intestines break down liaos.
Anws, i gonna go for a nap .
very tired you know .
Okay , i know u know .
Going out later,
& Tuition later.

Mother's fucking noisy.
Going Home=No peace, bread & land.

Thursday- go home sleep , slack & watch video.
Friday -movie with dearestest, & shopping with X
Saturday -Slack& watch video ,Electone class
Sunday - Go gaigai!

I left you a chance, & dont treat it as trash again.

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