Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nightmare's over,
& Other nightmare's coming .
Ranted some rants at Amanda Jie today
Seriously , I wasn't happy lor .
Room's in a mess
& I am bloody tired.
I'm still thinking to study lateer.

Had lunch at mac justnow ,
& gossiped about some sec1 bitches.
they are real bitch mansxz.
Suppose to meet someone ,
But someone got lessons
& I walked around hub aimlessly.
Actually not aimlessly la
Was searching for someone's things.
Tsk ,
Bought a bangle
& went home
I was like
waiting for the price of the bangle to drop
from like ermm..
Its price drop $2 .
I know Imma cheapo.
but save money okay
This is call THRIFTY.
You understand , you dumbo.
Alrights ,
Pack room time.

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