Friday, October 24, 2008

I wanted to just blog those few lines at the back .
But I think it aint polite to do that.
Yeah ?
Thus , I decided to blog.
Wokeup this morning .
Babysit victoria.
Then went to school
& had band.
There are many many grudges that i kept inside my heart.
& i think that there is no more memoryspace for that already.
I'm getting tired ,
& losing grip of it .
I'm losing hope day by day
Thinking back .
I reaslised that I actually lost alot of things.
Many in fact, uncountable.
& there are juniors that making me pissed
With their attitude.
& behaviour .
&I blame myself for that .
I dontknow how much you guys hated PEC
But we are trying very hard already .
& yet, haisx.
Things are getting more and more out of hand.
& some are being so unreasonable & stuff.
Take today for example ,
J.s are so rude.(!)
Hurted by my beloved band .
Dont wish to talk.
I dont wanna endup like X.
Next time wanna comeback play /help
Also cannot.

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