Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its 0100 now,
& I'm still studing.
I dont wanna retain laaaaas.
But I know my standards,
Yes, I'm dumb
So what.
Kinda emo-ed justnow .

Bought a lappy & printer hours ago
Printer's at home
collecting my lappy tml .
The sales person knows my photoshop sercet.
Cause i ask him how much
& he say dont buy.
Things aint smooth
Tml's the last paper
& I'm stuck in the exam mood.
I wanna study untill the O's end
(for the year ended 31Dec 2008)
Had tuition justnow ,
& seriously,
I'm dumb.
Off to study
If Yongsoon sonny sees this,
I'm dead.

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