Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hello, Yellow Jello .
Today isnt sunny mellow .
Had a 4.5 hour Emaths tuition just now .
Chongwei shuaige didnt turn up for tuition today .
Sadden .
Today was kinda fun .
Finally I got tuition mates to talk to .
but today last lesson already.
& I gonna talk to daddy tml
& ask him gimme money buy lappy.
If can , tml i after tuition straight away go buy already.
Stressed & tired.
Bye ,

Went home at 9 plus last night ,
Under Adrian's accompany .
Mummy dint rant at me ,
& didnt scold me .
Reason : Because i was with adrian.

He told me that he miss mummy's curry
& i told mummy about it.
Guess what ?
& mummy ask me when his o's over
cause she wanna cook for him to eat.
& i told her not to care about him.
& she insisted.

3october2008 , we patched

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