Monday, September 01, 2008

Yoooooooooo preetty & handsomes.
1more day to 15.
& the pink card.
I was woken up
by Kengteng's missed calls & bombing calls by chia hao & kengteng.
dear's flooding my inbox too.
cause we quarrel yesterday.
its all over :]
so go pompom & stuff.
headed to amk hub.
sinyee say she &vincent cant come.
so in the end,
i was kinda devasted la.
then went to book kbox with kor.
&wilson called me ,
he was on the phone with me ,
& he said this.
W: come to berth 86 there, i want tell you something
me: *stupid & dumb , blur mind. went to find him with chiahao

reach there,
w : happy birthday
me:* smiles.

thanks ya!
jio-ed him go kbox ,
but he say he want go STUDY.
so never join lor.
then went kbox.
damm dull .
me & chiahao in the room nia,
then i sang first,
i dont want waste my money
then , guess what.
sinyee & kengteng & vincent walk in with a cake/

& celebrate :]

sing sang sung.
the kbox people damm kp.
waste our time ,
they come our room , ask for money .
but dear called me , & chatted awhile.
then , went to amk hub inside b1 there
eat cake.
went up to level 4 there,
saw amandajie cheris shuaige & siewhoon.
& hugged them!
then went to take neoprint.
i post the photos in the next post.
then went home
as my beloved mum kp me.

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