Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today is a busy day .
& I'm late for school
Less than 5 seconds late , 
to be exact.
That stupid security auntie dont let me & kengteng sweetheart in.
That Mr loh also , kp one.
Ran one round.
Morning exercise.
& it makes me moreeeeeeee tired.
then then , 
it makes my shoes wet too .
Then went back class , 
& studied.
Understood no shit la.
Thank god that POA is postpone again.
Amaths test was kinda errrr,
I think I can get more than 5 marks.
Then stayed in class during recess 
Like almost the whole class didnt go recess,
 Cause everyone's preparing for roleplay, 
So like i was the only girl in my group . 
Because , Simin went for recess, 
& Diyan's not in school.
Chem was after recess, 
Chiahao messaged Leemei , 
& that dumb dumb sotong forgot to off silent.
&it rang , 
Erika's heart stopped for her . 
thats what she told me . 
then was english 
super fun
I forgot when to die.
Went to look for Mr Wong 
With Felicia , Leemei & Jocelyn
then studied amaths.
for tml's amaths test, 
 Leemei Jocelyn felicia left first , 
& i studied with st sleeping

went to buy bbt .
& ST kor accpmpanied me to bus stop .
& I know his sercet!

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