Sunday, September 07, 2008

sowie kengteng &jocelyn
kengteng : cause i was unable to go pasar malam with her
jocelyn : cause i was unable to go derricks' autograph session with her

dui buqi.
one reason: mother dont let.'
mum ask me to stay at house & practise electone in the morning
but end up.
i slept untill 12 plus.
makan & stuff
& headed to tuition.
dear's great because
he called me.
& accompanied me
while my ipod battery goes low.
talk about band stuff.
& ya.
damm cute laaaaas.
he got jealous cause
i say that my band juniors are cute.
didnt quarrel with him today
& he told me that he's watching the turtle .
dontknow what turtle la.
had electone at 630
dontknow why la.
teacher say i got improvment.
hope to take exam nextyear.

i feel like quitting tuition la.
don really learn much things.

wokeup & prepare.
headed to school at 8.
went for photoshoot.
me & qateeqa
whatever the spelling is .
ps ya, sweetie.
take untill our eyes teary teary one.
then got meetings &stuff.
washup band room.
tie platform.
taught juniors
& let them tie.
then band.
fredy took sectionals.
my running notes
are laggy.
they aint running!

slacked with clarence sonny awhile .
&bused home with duck.
something happened in the night
dontwish to eleborate.
&i hope she's moving on happily.

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