Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Alrights , 
I'm so gonna change my default browser to 
Apple Safari already.
Its so better to use la.
This was what happen after 
Sweetheart drop her phone into the toilet bowlllllll

So like , 
POA test is postpone to tomorrow.
In which i still understand no shit.
& there's Amaths test tml .
mr bala say , 
we gonna have test every lesson .

Had a 2 hour committee meeting 
Damm solid , 
No need to compare, 
sure better than councillor meeting one.
Councillor meetings are crap .
A total waste of time .
No councillors are viewing my blog, 
As they cant even enter.
Anyways , 
Went junjie house after meeting ,
 & chiong for the roleplay stuff 
then bused home.

Lets put it to a happy ending , alrights?

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