Wednesday, September 03, 2008

hi bombers,
wakeup & eat
watched tv ,
& waited for dad ,
go make ic.
waiting time is like
longer than the servicing time la.
the lady only spend 8 mins on me.
& she dont allow me to change my name .
she say it's a rule that surname must be infront.
got such thing meh ?
then dad fetch me back .
at first he say ask me cabbed home.
then i dontwant ,
i wanted to bus home .
more fun
& maybe can drop off go find dear,
cause he at whampoa justnow.
then , ya.
daddy fetched me home.
ate orange,
& text dear,
went home
wanted to go pasar malam de
but, raining .
then online , & study .
tml there is practical test,
& dear got paper also .
& he like no need to study de lor.
never study at all
eating rochers can destress.

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