Saturday, September 27, 2008

this is never gonna happen to me mansxz.
emo ?

Love Story .
I found it in Shuxian's

They have been together for five whole years already.

The girl is unhappy.

For these five years, she has never heard him say "I Love You." Even though he expresses acts of love, but she only wants to hear those three little words. She gives him hints and everything, but those three words never comes out of his mouth.

Every year, when it is their anniversary of their first date, or her birthday, or when she is sick, he gives her a teddy bear. Her bed is crowded with all the teddy bears.

The girl is sick of the teddy bears. She is certain that he doesn't love her anymore.


"I'm leaving! I want to break up with you! I'm sick of all this!" She shouted into the phone and slammed it onto the receiver. The tears fell like the Niagara Falls. "Don't you know I only want to hear you say...I Love You?"


He drives at top speed to her house.

It is raining, the raindrops are falling and splattering into tiny drops on the windscreen like his heart is shattering. He has to be in time to deliver the last and largest teddy bear to her.


The phone rings again. She picks it up.

"Miss, I'm calling from the General Hospital. Your boyfriend was involved in an accident on the highway. Please come and identify the body. We found your telephone number on a card in the pocket of the deceased..."


She regrets saying all those to him. If she had not said that, he would not have driven at such a high speed and gotten into an accident. And most importantly, he would not have died. Her tears fall again. She is submerged in pain and guilt and regret.

His body lies on the fresh white sheet of the hospital bed. His brown shirt is stained with blood, his blood. The brown shirt she had given him!

His face, so handsome but contorted into an expression of pain.

She notices something bulging from the bedsheet at the foot of the bed. She lifted the bedsheet up.

It was a big teddy bear.


The smiling teddy bears sit at the foot of her bed. She puts the largest blood-stained teddy bear in the midst of them all.

The teddy bears are the only thing that reminds her of him. She cries and cries. She is sorry for saying all those mean things. She really loves him. She really misses him. Even until now, she still hasn't heard him say those three little words : I Love You.

She buries her face in the largest teddy bear and hugs it tightly.


Suddenly, she heard, "I Love You...I Love You...I Love You..."

It was from the teddy bear! She pressed it in the stomach again.

"I Love You...I Love You...I Love You..."

Struck with surprise, she began pressing all the middles of all the teddy bears he had given her.

The whole room was filled with countless laughter and all she could hear was the sound of 'I Love You."

He had meant to say it to her after all.

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