Wednesday, August 06, 2008

sick & tired , angry& pissed,
& everything bad.

i came home early.
thinking that i can have a peacefully nap .
but instead,
im getting scoldings from you ,
just because i wanna sleep.
sleeping got wrong mehs?
excuse me,
its not i dont wanna sleep at night
its that, brother is causing me too much of a disturbance
for me to sleep .
& sleeping , nowaways damm streassful la.
then i go toilet & sleep
you scold
i go living room sleep
you quarel with dad
& say its my fault.
then i say ,
fine my fault
then you say i throw tantrum.
i hate this house la.
in fact, i hate this everything la.
everything also my fault.
school also like that,
at home also like that.

i want go night study ,
you dont let.
nvm .
oh please, not i dont want to study
its that studing at home
equal no study
i studied so hard,
during exam .
i wakeup in the middle of the night to study
you scold me for studing,
then you say i never study .
i told you noneed buy the old 10years series.
you say for my own good.
in the end i never do .
you beat me ,
& say i wasted your money
when i never even want you to buy.
now , school say buy,
bought from school
& you say that i ask you to buy ,
& now no need all.

music also like that.
its not that i never practise.
just that my hand cant move so fast what.
what you want me to do ?
i practice you say i never practise.
everytime i practise untill backache, hand numb
i got complain a not?
never lors.
i cant sleep ,
i go practise.
then you scold me.
i practice something different.
you scold me.
saying that i never practise exam stuff.
exam that time,
how many hours i practise?
abit wrong ,
you scold untill i never practice like that.
you think so easy ,
you try yourself la.

i from the start of schooling till now.
i saturdays sunday stay at home,
never go out with friends all .
i never change clothes go out,
i only went out to shop half a day
&you say i everyday go out.
i whole year never go cinema watch movie ,
& you say i waste your money go watch movie.

no freedom , no privacy .

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