Friday, August 08, 2008

hi .
home sucks.
family sucks.
school sucks.
everything sucks.
band dont suck
mum & brother ,
seriously ar,
never kpkb me will die siol.

bused to school with kengteng sweetheart .
in the morning.
i told her some secrets.
in which its true.
headed to mac for breakfast.
as usual ,
i brought happy meal.
& got stamp
.yingying one.
headed to school.
& did the band stuff.
then got the connect singapore thing.
me meiyan yuting & ain change our groupings.
so i paired with meiyan .
& yuting paired with ain.


max, mingjie , meeeeeee.!

minjie & me.

i kinda love her during the event.
as she's the only one whose willing to take photo with me.

walked back to school .
& dismissmals.
discuss discuss discuss,
finally we decided to go j8 .
then bused down ,
kengteng, irina shimei, grace .
clarence , terence , addison & marcus.

we like idoits like that laaaas!
we stand in the middle of everywhere,
& we couldnt decided where to eat.
in the end, chiong up to food court.
& that kengteng,
went to ask a table full of people .
to let us sit after they finish .
lucky they say ok.
otherwise so maluuuuuuuu.
then me & kengteng headed to 7-11
to buy drink .
the gulp no big gulp cups.
no ice.
wanted to buy the brainfreeze thing.
but, its not cold & not in solid state.
so , we went mac to buy.
we both quene in two different counters,
& people just cut .
then kengteng came my house,
use com .
i was sooooooooo tired,
i fell asleep .
then , ya.
like that lo,
ps ya sweetheart,
i wasnt a good host.

then slept till 6
pompom .
& prepare for electone class.
just ended , & im slacking here,

i love my hide &seek game,
& its sooooooo of a kind.
& today is the 080808
& i told markers that i love hims
& he say he loves me too
i spend my 080808 meaninglessly.

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