Saturday, August 09, 2008

had a tiff with mum .
as usual.
met up with kengteng at615.
& chiong to cbmac for breakfast.
ordered, HAPPY MEAL.
damn it , i forgot to take the toy.

went band & go for performance,
seriously ar,
why they cant let us go in the shades,
its like , will kill 'em like that la.
& kelvin came to support.

then went back school .
& walk half way .
kel ask us go back school
help him find his cigars.
scared later the band tio trouble.
then me diyan emmanuel addison
went to 7-11 ,
had budget lunch
imitation of the tigerbeer adveristiment.

went home pompom & change .
meet diyan at amk mrt station .
& emman inside the mrt.

trained to city hall
& went to suntec.
took photo with some cosplayers.

she's damm cute,

noriko & sweettyy !

then headed to o tako house,
damm suck.
went to the aracde.
after so much of begging ,
diyan finallybrought me to go & play aracde.
& that mr ryan tee,
was like , WOW!
at us in mids of our game.
aracde's funnnnnnnn :]
went to search for food .
around 4plus.
we untill 6plus then finish .
reason :
we go kfc,
waited for the person clear,
in the end we clear.
but never .
went to burger king & eat.
walked to the bridge there to view the parade

this , was taken by a super kind lady :]

more at my wrtech .

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