Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i shall change blog soon .
POA was postpone.
& diyan say she gonna lend me her hellgirl cosplay for zilian .

my grand uncle pass away.
lesser angbao money.
i think he too bloated
then pass away.
rest in peace.

i one term one relative pass away.
term 1 : weibing kor.
term 2 : great grand uncle
term 3 : grand uncle.
term 4 : unknown.

class was kinda sick today.
start from morning.
chatted with zihui in at the bus stop.
told her that i might not be going back zhonghua.
they also dont let us in .
waste time.
then bused to school.
kengteng & cheris i guess was calling out for me.
but i was blasting music.
thus i hear them .
& the people in the bus was like
looking at me?
assembly was about
environment thinky.
why they dont want explain why climate change?
green club is wasting paper lor.
>.<>conver a.
topic : bluetack .
i saw sjb bullying my shanqshanq.
thus i say
a: dont bully my shanqshanq laaaas!
shanq: * turn back & laughs.*
sjb : shutupla, i feed this into your mouth then you know.
* showing blue tack.*
a+ diy : ahhhhhhhhhh* open mouth bigbig/*
everyone laughs.

conver b .
topic: breaddddd. :]
diy. : i want eat bread
chianyee &jinling : huh! you want eat bread.?!
diy. : ya, i want eat bread, i very hungry .
c&j : *laughs* dont eat the wrong bread.
d & c& j & a : *LAUGHS!*

ps, from bread, the whole class talked untill
sjb say he wear 42cm ,
what a joke.

Our class is united laaaaaaaas,
we can talk anything under the bright , scrotching sun.
whatever the spelling.
kill me alive for tomorrow's poa test.

& my phone giving me problems.
keep cant connect ,
after that stupid service.
i need the photoooos!

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