Friday, July 18, 2008

high &low.
i love the asian geohraphic book.

so, jamie told me that the world is gonna end
in the year 2012.
which means that, we all go hell in 4yrs time.
how great,
which means, i can meet weibing kor liaoooooooos.

weibing kor, im missing you .
i regret never cherish the time
when we were playing when young.
i could still remember when i was young,
during chinese newyear,
you would show me a little damm , even though grandmum dislike it.
asking you to heck care me everytime.
you will allow me to join in the games the rest play/.
taking care of me, making sure i return to grandfather home safe &sound.
i was still thinking of a reunion one day , before you left us.
even though our families had sever ties.
but its sooooooo impossible now.
though months had past, &everyone's moving on.
i'm still missingyou .
hope you are doing well , &watching us from above.

no interesting things.
jamie is saddist .

marmie is forcing me to do work.
but i am just too tired.
fuck up lei she.
say i come home only know how to relax,
what crap shit.
&she threatens to kill me.
she then dontknow what i facing la.
school stress, home stress.
fastfast doomdays la.

&sister's leaving ,
her fucking auntie, '
who force her to call her mama.
causing confusion.
is bringing her back tml.
fuck her la.
i hope she miscarriage.
humji slut la her.
teacher somemore.
suay siol.
her students.
in front of us
wanna act english pro
like shit sia her,
oh please
i dont even know what the hell she talking.
ching, jie loves you.

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