Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the breeze is breezily breezing .

lets start from monday.
had sharing session of frightening experience
during english.
&believe it,
the whole class is pure saddist.
&we had child abuse.
ms sasi's super shockked about our experiences.
had pe, played the dunno what balls la.
was keeping asking people to kill me.
mr bala on course for 4days.
so relief teacher came to teach
he's ok looking
but i dont understand what he talking.
must feedback to mrbala's liaos.
those peepls, took my diary.
as in personal diary & anoonuced to the whole class.
&of cause i cried la.
ps. i put the book in a box under the table.
&that mike goh still say me la.
he say what.
i should set my limits
& scold them back
& not being too emotionals.

had councillor training/ meeting
&i changed some of the decocrations in the room.
zhenkhan treated us all bubble tea.
thanks yea.
& penguin & potato was like playing with pearls la.
while the girls are like running away
just in case.

& anderson is mad.
he everyday wants to burn me

continued the sharing during english
but this time round.
ms sasi told us hers too.
possessed student.
got chiobu teacher sit in for emaths.
she's from america.
she very nice, i like her
<3 href="">

assembly was super loooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnng.
&we are going to the museum next monday.
did homework at councillor room
after the councillor meeting,
ice breaking session.
touch up the deco abit,
& slacked at red cross room.
i on leave from band room today
& nothing much happened.

&i'm feeling much better liaos,
thanks for our cheering text.
you're right, i dont have to be upset .
but please, stop burning me.
what the helllllllllllllllll,
ronald is going for nco camp
russuael is going for nco camp
anderson is going for nco camp
&angie is not going for nco camp.
i want to gooooooooooo
chongboon , please support the camp.

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