Sunday, July 20, 2008

hi bombers.

so ,
went for tuition yesterday.
was late,
&diyan: chongwei wore purple yesterday.
called st & ask what should i eat after tuition.
look , im born in such environment
that im soooooooo dependent on my mum's cooking
otherwise, i dontknow what to eat.
in the end, i brought sushi, mr bean soya &kfc variety value meal.
cause me 11 bucks & i wasnot full.
chiong home,
rain damm heavy.
fastfast go practise organ
teacher sharon came at 630.
damm rushed.
went to temple there ,
with mum,
see seelook look .
&&& i dislike the kids there la.
running around.
went home.
wanted to watch ming zhong.
but got problem
so slacked around.
mummy went to sleep
& anderson called me.
wanted to do acelearning
but i dontknow how to do .
&that ice cream
was like giving me formulas.
untill i decided to quit.
chatted with anderson &his friend.
super funny
then his friend went to sleep i guess.
anderson friend got aids.
& anderson no fathers day :]
was super sick la.
chatted untill 4plus went to sleep.
as brother overnighted at sanyee's place

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