Sunday, July 13, 2008

damm gay today
happy that gay .
no tuition today.
&went shopping with aunt.
went to bugis
brought a vest.
a dress
&a tummystud.
vest: 19.90
tummystud: 16.90
conclusion: the smaller it is , more expensive.
whatever la, aunt pay for it
wanted to buy bf shirt.
but got one auntie wanted to buy.
so i decided not to buy.
went to take neoprint.
was a super tiring one.
cause got two cam.
trained down to dhobygaut.
whatever the spelling.
ate my favourite. mang guo binggggggg.
&brought that super big bag.
the assistant still remember me,
cause yesterday i told her that i will visit tml.
which is today.
super happy.
then went home.
haiya, skip la.
i spent almost 80 bucks today.
&rus is confusing me
with mr adrian chiang
&mr adrian chong.

you say i guailan,
ohplease, you more guailan .
first you say i pester you
now you say i guai lan
whats next.


mi&my dress with the vest &the tummystud

the dress &tummy stud.
cross out my face.

xiaoyee &her dessert.

cross my face.
mi&my mang guo bing.

mang guo bing

my new tummystud.

my new bag.

yesterday's photo.

ya, im the oldest.

look at my super kawaii juniors

for more, refer to band blog.

at ps.

duck say it look like mallets sticks.

true, but this is knitting sticks.

angie's creation.

caption :i bite you.
familiar yea?

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