Wednesday, July 09, 2008

alrights bombers
let start with yesterday

wokeup&went to school.
mass assembly was kinda boring.
mrs menon talked about the band's performance
&she said that it was great.
&she asked all the band members to stand.
ohmys, i am so proud of myself.
&she says that she's proud of us.

english was first period.
ms sasi didnt come.
so mrs lee came for relief.
i must tell you this,
she is super noisy.
&soooooooo fuckedup.
gossiped with huiting, diyan &erika.
then emaths.
she give us ws like there's no deforestation like that sia.
kevan say hi
&i say hi to him.
stupid retarded.
ate burger.
went toilet
then go back class
then ss,
shawn say i use sctoch tape to tie my hair.
then poa.
mr wong didnt come.
slacked throughout.
then end school.
went for band.
started cleaning up the band room.
&partied awhile.
jamie use the bloom as guitar.
&diyan sat on the chair
while me &fenny started to dance.
we took a video.
pec is mad laaaaas.

btw, i was alittle too angry for myself.
cause i replied to some hyprocrites.

raining early in the morning.
lucky cheris shuaige got bring umbrella.
was singing a verse of umbrella
&cheris fetch kt to school first
then me.
sooooooooo sweet.
gonna hug her like a kolar bear.
today's assembly was cyber week
& taswkono
whatever the spelling is la.
ss was boring today
emo-ed awhile.
keep ranting at huiting
sowie ye.
talked to her untill i want cry liaos.

poa was as boring.
almost fall asleep.
too tired liaos.
mrs teo didnt come.
so ,
i slept.
mr siva was like.
you want me to call your parents isit?
free period cannot sleep?!
&& lena say i got fever lo.
my os was like.
call la, call as you want.
i cant be bothered anymore lor.
everyone's so fuckedup.
mr bala go through homework.
&went for recess.
ate vegetarian food.
chemistry is super boring.
& i catch no ballllllls.
free period.
mr dinesh came for relief.
&he was super strict.
skiped that part la.
i wrote essay on my grandparents house.
a place i hate to go
finished my pec cartoon.
i must tell you this,
its super funny.
ate budget lunch.
&went for sectionals.
kaos, i sightread the score
also can play better laaaaaaas.
wanted to practice goddess of victory
but emmanuel dont let.
sengjun's my new junior.
cleaned up band room
&did the revamp.
part 1.
part 2 is next week.
then brought bbt
&went home.
marmie thinks that
im taking drugs.
cause she see my face like weird weird one.
lame la her.

i love my son, ❤

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