Monday, June 09, 2008

Band BBQ!

wokeup at 1030.
&got ready for the bbq.
meet zhaojing, &gang
at my house downstairs.

then walked to the bus stop
&went to budget supermarket.
then Dsweetheart started bomb calling my phone
ask us chiong down
cause got people dont let us sit at our pit area.
&ask me&zhaojing chiong down go settle.
then we go buy knife.
zhaojing super angry
damm funny.
then kaos.
we behaved like some aunties like that.
then wanted to cab down
but instead ,
we bused down.
walked bloody long
&didnt had lunch
the things damm heavy cans?
walk untill i want die liaos
yiting more jialat.
carry 10kg of ice.
went to start the fire
to chase those bhb people away
kns, dare to scold me sweetheart
bite them la.

mental3 photos.
damm mental i tell you/
like crazy people.

under normal situation


im the limelight!

yes. mental 3

then seniors started to come.
&took photos with them.
mi&amanda jie

mannnnnnnnnnnly man? me &cheris.



mi&bday gal, yuenyeejie!

then cooked some food.
went to the beach with fenny &
started zilian.
we were like asking ourselves
why are we so zilian.
more photos at my wretch.

me in fenny specs.

i love corn, seriously

shy fenny shyshyfenny

i know im zilian

qiao he.

borrowed from zhijun sister.

the pec was supposed to be the great chef.
but ,
diyan started playing in the waters.
& i started to eat
&zilian with fenny
&zhaojing was cooking.
in the end.
everything was cooked by zhijun's mum.
her grilling are nice.

im sooooooo glad ladyboss dint manage to push me into the waters.
he appeared at the wrong time la.
mi&fenny was just aabout to produce some super qunlity photos/

&cooked seniors' feast.
but they all go lan
in the end
siewhoon &cheris were the ones able to eat.

i tell you something.
diyan is right
eat too much marshmallow
it taste yucks
i eat untill i want to vommit siol.
cleaned up &stuff
waited for daddie to come
&went home
to my surprise.
daddie brought me to my favourite shop.
eat my favourite noodles.
didnt have my food fair
I had a good lunner!
then went homes.
that's all folks.
i go update my wretch,

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