Thursday, June 12, 2008

wokeup at 11
&went to school at 12.
chiong my score.
&self practice.
went chatting awhile with commitee.
&i molested cheris.
i hugged her.
&she shouted molest
full band first then sectionals.
played american elegy.
way too boring.
then played rumbles.
didnt played very well.
then sectionals.
had fun &scoldings.
&we got kungfu by zhaofa
&chicken head by bernard.
in all, we gt kungfu chicken!
as for the scolding one.
skipped that part la.
then band ended.
went to buy bbt from the other side.

then rushed home
cause today sister bday
& i just knew it when band ended.
everyone was waiting for me to cut the cake la.
pictures for today

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