Sunday, May 04, 2008

yo peeps.
played audition with diyan sweetheart
from one plus to 3
&brother woke me up at 11/
he was chatting with his parents this morning.
&he bloody leave the room door open
dammmm pissed.
wokeup at 11
wash up&stuff/
watched tv.
around 12 when back to sleep.
sanyee&ayden reach around 1plus

today's his 5th birthday
he demanded a party.
but he got no friends yet
he haven gonna go schoolings.
so marmie prepared all this for hims

this is his cake.

kids nowadays are so fortunate.
cake box also so nice.

ayden's mum.

brother sister madness
brother with lisa
angie with meadow.

brother's snoring like mad.
i got to go.
sleeping time.
i'm having a flu
sore throat.
gonna fall sick soon.
anytime , any where.

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