Thursday, May 29, 2008

fenny says: forget him.

wokeup late today.
&was rushing laas.
chiong lunch &stuff.
&was badbad hair day.
unlucky day too.
wasted soo much time on 7-11.
i was waiting for the person
to help me take the cups
&he's bloody slow cans?
qi si wo le.
then went cb mac.
clique was doing theory
&i was so bored.
&started eating.
then awhile
went school le.
there was a songka.
&kengteng zhixin
was talking
about ghosts i think.
then i scared kt!
she screamed.
&they are leaving tml
i will miss you babe!
then did weird things.
actually not.
we are just doing thing differently.
&i met people i dontwant to see
on my way to school
sad case.
skip that part.
not interesting at all.
then i was bloody shocked
when almost the whole band was like.
waiting for me to open the room la.
chiong theory.
as i didnt bring it home.
had band
full band
mm-ing all the way
very funny.
sightread in times of truimph.
very diffucult cans?
my eyes are reading super fast laaaaas.

then we had sectionals.
&had a heartwarming talk with the band.
before band dismiss.
&mr chiang brought bangbangtang for us.
then blah.

went home.
attituded mum.
she bushuang me lor.
say i waste her money
buy assessment books.
i dint ask you buy cans?
i dont even want it.
its that fucking teacher can.
i dontwant anything.
dont force me.
or i go find weibingkor
let you see.
let you see
who more pro.
as for the teacher.
just shutup
&stay away from me.
i hate you.
&you make me
dread school.

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