Friday, May 23, 2008

im dead.
drop dead.
marmie gonna chop me alive tml.
&dont know
&still want go buy obs stuff.
i sure fight with her ones.
with brother chanting.
then i will slap brother.
& i will give them attitude.
damm her lor.
she was the one &dad.
dontlet me study lor.
this topic for tml.
damm tired.
no energy
no strength,
no voice.
mrs menon talk.
ate horfun
& i vommited everything out.
in three times.
first time
i go put bowl.
then i dontknow why
suddenly the vommit want come out.
then go rubbish bin
then go take uniform &stuff.
went toilet.
when passing the sink that time.
the vommit coming out agains.
chiong go toilet
slacked at toilet.
then went in the hall liaos.
then going sit down that time
feel the vommit coming out agains.
then chiong go toilet.
just nice.
then vommit agains
then blahs.
band dismissed at 4.30
went mac.
&sang all the way there.
kengteng say my singing is nice ok?
&ate lunch at mac.
then pei-ed jamie to bus stop
&walked home with kt.
damm shuang cans?
i save the envonrivment.
&i save 45 cents.
small amount.
but if i everyweek walk like that.
can save alot cans?
im despo for money.
donate money to me cans?
>.< reatarted phototaking compeition with markers.
he go dye his hair gold liaos.
die la
. 10more hours to teacherparent meeting.
i am gonna write my will &funeral arrangement now.

funeral arrangement.
i want the place to be filled with paper cranes.
i want all my zilian photos to be displayed
on a lcd screen.
&the photos i took with my friends too.
i want the music to be
american elegy
&more to be added.
list is for mental 3 to decide.

if i die ,
my phone will be given to marmie.
electone will be given to brother
accesssiories to be given to sisters&aunts.
hellokitty collection items/limited edition items.
put on ebay &sell,
bid as high as possible.
&give to some charity drive.
my clothes.
given to orphanage
marshmallow :
dearestests&diyan&her dad fight for the custody.
panpanda: give ayden
piglet: give her dad.
as for my secrective lil pink book.
please burn it to mi.
the rest of the items.
not yet planned.

cry for me.

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