Tuesday, May 27, 2008

went school in the morning.
&diyan was laughing at my hair.
had english.
exchanged points of view for the parents meeting session.
all say untill damm fucked up.

then went to staff room with ms sasi
to check my ss marks.
they put as - AB.
&&&the overall marks were also wrong.
should be 48,
this include the AB thing.
that means the school didnt modify my marks.
super unfair lors.
then ms sasi say she will help me change
when school reopen.
which means my positions will change!
she's soooooooooo good man.
left with a beam.

then went 711 buy food.
with diyan sweetheart.
she going hub buy obs camp stuff.
&i went home.
marmie dont let me go out.
slacked throughout
&rot at homes.
&didnt do work.
&didnt study.
i wanted to .
but i remembered how he was talking to me.
during the parents meeting.
i totally no mood to study le.
you want scold then scold lor.
i pon school let you see.
i hate you, teacher.
whatever you say ,
are just making me lose interest in studies.
waste my parents money sia.
i felt so disgusted buying people's book.
i dontlike the feeling of it,
as in,
its damm crappy .
you tell me la ,peeps.
where on earth .
teachers ask students go jump ones.
which already meaning go die.
i tell you where.
in chongboon.
my class people should know lorrrrr.
ltr she really go jump hows?
then you will say goodmorning.
i wish you merry christmas.

back to the point.
jewel-ed my memory card casing.
i go liaos.

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