Saturday, May 24, 2008

went to teacher parents meeting session.
saw some chongboon people on the way to school
&marmie was questioning me.
i seriously hate that la.

while waiting
saw mdm yick
&i greeted her.
i told mum about her some time ago
&she was sooooo disgusted.
when she saw her.
then meet mr mike.
i cried.
i dontknow how to phrase it la.
want to know.
call me
&i will tell you.
i cried bcause
iam super.
sibeii dulan &fucked up.
talk about my family for what?
nvm, that part i ren.
i swept my tears away.
then he say i never study
excuse me.
i am born dumb.
poor results didnt mean
that i wont studycans?
my mum was the one who stop me cans.
you dontknow what is the best for me.
so just shutup.
amaths mr bala also argeed with us.
that it was tough
&we really never see such questions
&similar quesions.
mr bala also never say so much.
he now there crap so much for what .
he's like wanting me giveup music la.
he's making hate school.
i want to be music teacher.
&it got nothing to do with studies.
&got nohing to do with 0' level cert.
you dontknow anything.
just shutup.
i dontneed your comments.
after the meeting.
i seriously feel like quitting school.
chongboon sucks.
i come because
im dumb
i dont have a choice.
say i gt alot of commitments.
kick me out of counsell board la.
anyway i dont make a difference also what.
even better
no need see the sec4 teasing me.
fooling me around.
thank god
im always late for school.
so that they got no chance to fool me around
&make me feel so stupid.
chongboon is filled with hypocrites.

after that.
went central.
cried all the way there.
cant be bothered with the image liaos.
let the public see.
why are chongboon students
crying like nobody's business in the public.
its because.
the school sucks.
want us be thinking&gracious.
do the stuff members in the school
thinking &gracious?
they are also as selfish what.
then go buy obs stuff
&still got some more things haven buy yet
& already spend $70 plus la.
then go mos burger
@jubilee one
to eat.
then go popular.
buy the 10years series book
in the end also neverbuy.
waste my time.
tml then go bras basah complex buy.
then go k1 cut hair
i say cut shorter a bit
then the person go cut thick
&its very straight cans?
brother also got cut.
the harisdresser sibei dao cans?

chongboon sucks./
im getting bored.

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