Tuesday, May 13, 2008

didnt tied short hair :x.
i scared people say me.
+ no time ,
i lazy wakeup tie hair.
sowie my dearestests.
went school.
never bring book.
a lot of people never bring cans?
i was chatting with junbin whole time.
damm bored la.
making hims jealous that i have my n73 in white.
he's so jealous .
insisted changing the phone with me.
but i dontwant.
&i cant.
my aunts spare phone lai de.
{ & i dropped it just now.}
chinese listening compre.
whole class damm high la.
we were listening to radio before the paper start.
then very cute sia.
teacher collect finish the paper.
we super high.
cause no more paper le.
headed to canteen
meet pec.
zhaojing never come.
then had some meetings.
left school around 10
then headed to cbm
fiona &beifen& i
go there see the air refresher.
fiona pay cans?
then fiona left.
mi&beifen left .
go 7-11.
fenny go buy things to collect the magnets
ke ai sia.
reach home still 10 plus
eat lunch.
whole house damm quiet.
mummie &brother go pei aunt see doctor.
she kena food poisoning.
so peeps.
take note of what you eat.
my aunt ate a packet of rice.
&she vommited the whole day.
since yesterday.
bathed & stuffed.
actually meet diyan out at 12.
go take my phoney.
but end up we reach amk mrt station at 1.
so, conclusion.
we are meeting at 12 bangkok time.
im wearing kinda tooooooo over
i dontknow what to wear cans?
so ,
i wore
purple leggings + grey shorts+black tee+whiteshoes.

saw hassinah in the mrt station
then took mrt together,
so decided to take photo with her.

we met charissa debbie &kaichin
but we are going to alight already.
so never take photo.

trained down to orchard
go wisma.
go collect my phone.
end up reach there already
they say my phone not ready for collection yet.
never even call la.
they say they called,
but i never even recieved a single call.
so walked around wisma.
go fareast see
lolita dresses +cosplay.
lolita dresses very pretty okayys?
because ,
there is my favourite.
walked to blood romance.
but not open.
walked around
got bored.
decided to go back hub
dammmmmmmmmm hungry.
brought crispy chicken +2bottles of greentea.
diyan brought fried cheese +lychee tea+lemon barley.(at fareast)
we love water,
what do you expect.
she's totally influenced by the magical shuitong, angie.

days with n73.

diyan&angie affair.

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