Monday, May 05, 2008

dont feel well today
even nows.
chinese paper 2 was rather diffucult/
chinese paper1 was okok.
but i dontknow what to write.
so , craped.
&slept for half an hour.
after i finish my whole paper.
mdm tay caught our nails.
i mean,
what's wrong with keeping nails?
exam period what
we only got exam period to keep long nails
cca starts.
its over/
& i cutted my nails.
no choice.
then slacked at canteen after the papers.
then daryl came.
bused down to dia's house
while maomao & pighead jiujiu go homes.
went to dia house.
studied & gossiped abit.
knew things that im soooooooo shocked to know la.
then 6plus went homes.
slept awhile.
gonna start studying after blogging
in the gloomy dark room.

sowie if i irrated u the past i dunno when
i wouldnt pester or harrass u anymore.
u say that i siao, lame &wateverness.
then why do u even bother to reply my irrating msg?
aint u suppose to be smiling from beam to beam?
im not gving it a damm,
if u tink that im joking or so,
that is your problem.
one min u can be soooooooo nice to me.
&the next min,
you can be badmouthing mi.
u dun lyk mi
u come straight to my face
&tell mi,
y muz u tell her to tell mi?
&make her in such a diffucult spot?
wats the point?
if thats the case,
lets not be brother&sisters.
i trust u so much &yet?
this crap.
who noe, one fine day?
how would i noe,
any moment u might just spill my secrets out
when i heard that ,
im hurt deepdeep inside,
i didnt cry , u taught mi to be strong.
leaving mi in the lurch.
im not gving it a fuck.
another hypocite.
u always noe that i hate
u chose to be one .
u are pratically makin mi hate u isnt it?
as u wished ,
let it cum true then.

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