Saturday, May 03, 2008

hi peeps!
went dhoubt something.
watever the spelling is.

then brother ask mi take photo when the horse.
then went ice monster; bing guan
eat my favourite ,
mang guo bing !

mango ice ~

mango +kiwi + strawberry ice.
mummy &the rest say its nice.
but i think it taste kinda weird

mango dan bing.

then go yamaha buy my keyboard cleaner chemical.
this bloody thing cost 10 bucks laaaaaaas.

then go mummy friend shop.
auntie go remove mole.
then zilian with brother.

mi & brother.
then trained down to bishan
go eat dinner & buy brother present.
i want that rabbit from action city.
& iwant bear bricks!
so bought brother's present.
he insisted on buying this minnie mouse.
i'm like .
who cares la.
is he choice one.
he promise me that he wont snatch marshmallow with me already.

went yoshinoya eat dinner.
photocredit xiaoyee.
brother's dammmmmm fair man.
then went home.

brother & his minnie mouse.

brother + marhsmallow+ meadow+ brother's minnie.

brother named his minnie ..
such a cute name.
i hope he wont become gay.

knows that i blog liaos.
& marmie say that im liannnnnn
& i will retained.
so like
my uncle passed away
he got cancer.
i dontknow what cancer.
may he rest in peace.

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