Friday, May 30, 2008

from the president of

hi kids.
had a great day ye?
wokeup early
thought that i could meet sweetheart on time.
as yesterday,
in the end meet at 1
she went to send out our fellow schoolmates off.
i miss my kt &zhixinnnnnnnn.
&donaldduck &son-ny!
&diyan went to play lan with her brother.
skipped that part la.
intended to buy
ledger paper
&can drinks today.
but i dontknow where to get the paper.
we walked untill half way le
then remember about my cans drinks.
i decided to buy it next tuesday.
went find ms siti
& went for band
sectionals all the way.
sian sian.
warmup was fun like mad.
because i am taking.
we played the sl course stuff.
&we from MM90
went all the way up to MM 150
how cooooooool.
damm exciting cans?

then sectionals for
in times of trumph.
nice song kaes?
then blahhhhhhhhhh
then taigong treated pec
bbt &jiu cen gao.
then went home.
mum spoils my mood.
i was just having the interest to study
encouraged by wangyu
&she just make me feel
fuck it,

was watching tv with dad.
didnt talk .
watched animal planet
it was about whales.
whales talk very cute leis.
i love them.
then watched discovery!
but i cant remember the details le.
then watch my favourite subject's channel.
national geographic.
about the china thing.
still showing
but its kinda bored.
so i told dad
i go sleep.
but actually using com
&i better go off soon
&i promised st that
i wouldnt stay up to so late anymore.

bye readers.

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