Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1. Do you hate the last girl you weretalking to?
- average la
2. When is the last time you took anap?
- i cant remember
3. Do you only drink bottled water?
- Nopes.
4. What are you listening to right now?
-keyboard sound&noise pollution
5. Who was the last person you talkedto on the phone?
- cherie
6. To text you?
7. To send you a Myspace message?
- I Don't Have It.
8. What's on your mind most today?
- shuting my whole family up
9. Something that happened today thatmade you angry?
- mother's nag
10. Have you dated anyone on your topfriends?
- huh?
11. Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
- see my mood, usually i share with diyan or i keep it to myself.
12. Do you wear makeup?
- no.
13.Are you missing someone?
- of cos lahs
14. Do you believe everyone deserves asecond chance?
- Depends, see my mood first.
15. What instant messaging service doyou use?
- MSN, skype.
16. Would you date/hook up with your sisters best friend?
- nopes, im loyal to diyan sweetheart
18. What color is your hair?
- Black:D
19. Where was the last place youhugged someone?
- chalet /growth camp.
20. Is there anything you want/have tosay to your ex?
- i so hurt by what i heard.
21. What do you want most right now?
- start my party, geta life &sleep
22. What are you doing tonight?
-start my party &sleep
23. Are you happy right now?
- YesNoYesNo.
24. Is your phone right beside you?
-that's for sure
25. Are you cold?
- my feet's cold, but im bloody hot.
globalwarming la.
26. What are you looking forward to inthe next few months?
-sleeping time
27. First thing you do when you wakeup?
- lie on my bed again.
28. What does your best friend callyou?
- Sweetheart/bitch/darling/goon/idoit.
29. Would you prefer a thunderstorm orfor it to be snowing?
- Snow :D
30. When was the last time youcouldn't stop laughing?
- sunday&yesterday.
31. Have you ever kissed just a friend?
- Yea, i kissed dia on her 15th bday:D
32. Have you ever fought for theopposite sex?
- im guaikia:D
34. Do you cry a lot?
- yes:D
35. Are you good at keeping secrets?
- average
36. Did you participate in gym class?
- Nah.
37.What does your last text messagein your inbox say?
- hwa chong concert 30may,mr leng conducting,VCH the venue.
38.Do you crack your knuckles?
- seldom.
39.Have you ever been in love?
- duhhhhhhhhhhhs
43. Have you ever kissed in a pool?
- swimming pool?how cool, never.
44. What kind of tattoos do youwant/have?
- i donthave, i want a quaver.
45. Do you give special ringtones to certain people?
- yes.
47. What will you eat next?

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