Saturday, April 26, 2008

currently studying wif didi.
as u can see.

so lyk ,
we went kovan.
heartland mall to eat & shop
as usual
mi &didi ate kfc.
coz i dun let hims eat mac.
didi was pissed in a sense
coz i went into a super pinky shop.
&i love it.
but expensive.
so only bot a shirt.

&lunch :]
my favourite.
mango salad.

so this is my lunch.
greenappleiceblended+ greenapplecoconutjelly.
&mango salad.
i would have a mango feast.

cooked didi's lunch.
bot nuggets from oldchangkee's/
& this is my end product.
prata + nuggetmade smiley face.
i wanted to put cheese
but he dun wan.
&i forget about sugar.

had tuition justnow.
sian la.
tt bloody adrian sibei kp mi.
still say i make hims super pekchek.
i really dunno how to do wat.
&tt marmie oso.
electone class hv stop
teacher sharon no time for mi
&i still have to practise.
sian la,
study practise eat pom slp/
daily routine.
still need teach didi to write.
im busy.
so bloody busy.

im going bugis tml.
&im gonna shop for my bright orange shorts.
&pearl necklace.
im so lacking of things.
&mayb buying a new bag.
marmie is trying to pleased mi
or sumtink lyk tt.
so , i shall shop!
watever la.
bye peeps.
i go do my works liaos.
exams for only next wk.
what the fuck?

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