Sunday, April 27, 2008

im supposed to go bugis today.
but cant.
slacked the whole day
played audition wif sweetheart kt &ahna.
bored la.
i want cry liaos.
stayed at homes
for th bloody whole day
&brother disturbed mi early in the morning
coz he lost his psp game.
& shouted at hims.
he cried.
&i showed no damm
&carry on with my sleep
im just too tired.
singing is so out for mi
i know my singing sucks.
&i got no voice.
i got no time to cry
im totally moody./
dont disturb mi.
or dont be pissed if i diao u .
all i can say is.
i need to find time to cry
&everything will be fine.
life aint great.
marmie told me that
dad's gonna away tomorrow.
tell me also no use.
it dont make a difference.
we dont talk more than five sentence per week.
all i wish now is.
teachers stop spying on us.
&pass my exams.
the rest
heck care first.

\suaning mean discouraging.
/jumping into conclusion means hyprocites.
&i serious hate people who do that.

if you are unhappy.
shutup, get a life &leave.
i wont show a damm.

`me want stay under a rainbow.
a rainbow want stay under a pot of gold.
a pot of gold want stay under a part of the earth
but it seems so impossible.
all because,there's no love in it

&i seriously hate it.

th metal 3 <3

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