Wednesday, April 02, 2008

finally i can blog peacefully.
gonna off com wif son-ny cames homes.
marmie brought hims to go doctor.
he gt fever.

look at my super cool keyboard.
brought th stickers wif diyan

my marmie let piglet slp thr de.
i dunno anytink.
she no space to slp.

mi &my super cute sonny.

i hope stanley is not reading my blog.
my doodles on MRSlenaCHUA's hand

zilian wif erika mei on mei
as mr bala wasnt here on mon.

& my leg bloody pain
zhaofa la.
knock into mi
now a bit swollen.
sibeii pain.
angie is strong.
lied to mi yst.
say wat today full dress.
scared mi upside down

& ask mr chan about singapore river durin geo class on mon.
diyan: if river source are to come from mountains den singapore river lei?
mi: bukit timah lor.
diyan: no?
mi: bukit merah
diyan: its a place not a mountain
joce: chongboon
mi: ask mr chan

so i ask mr chan
mr chan say from th centre of th island.
den i say : tt means amk area?
mrchan: no, near bukit timah.

see , i am smart.

was msgin ruihao in class.
but i gt pay attention in class.
he say i am not stupid.
had speech day rehearsal today
lyk bloody omg la.
dun wish to tok about it .
den ermm,
st walk mi to busstop
coz i force hims to.
sumtimes i am soooooooo glad.
that i had my stupid st kor by my side.
he smokes!

baby aydens is crying like no body business.

bnard is my physics tutor.
dun wry
thr is still space.
shih hsing is teachin mi th physic report tml.

i will work harder.

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