Sunday, March 30, 2008

singapore flyer de grouping
picture grabbed from mr wong.
i hate this place.
floaded wif milipedes.
wokeup quite early today
coz i slpt at 8 yst.
tired la.
im so roar now
blog skin changed :D
i find it so hard to find sumone to tok to .
absent one day like
makin mi disconnect from th world like tt.
very kin ku de na
mother nag nag nag
will she die if she dun ?
okayy la.
i was th one who dun trust th world in th first place.
doesnt mean they hv to shoot arrows at mi rite?
lyk i gt sum bloody disease lyk tt.
sumtimes i wonder
why is life so unfair
when ppl copy other &dun let th blame
whereas th original party get th suanning &blame
lyk so wtf
i felt so mosheng wif all my peers
i dunno why
&th most bloody tink is that
projects are bombing my hse.
damm freaking tired.
that explain my long slping hours
presentation &stuff
kns la
i bet st's slpin
still slping
its kinda weird for mi
bloggin for early la
tire out.
tml xiao yee & son-ny will reach sing.
i wan to slp & nv wakeup.
no one ever noe the sercet in my heart.
even hims.

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