Monday, March 03, 2008

hi peeps.
went toapayoh
&saw kel
for i dunno y


see how cute my com 's wallpaper is.
jealous rite?

candid shot of zhaofa.!
it was suppose to be a sercet
but i too bored.
he's folding the straw heart.
which is lyk.
i better stop
or he will squeeze my head again

& this is marshmallow.
my super kawaii daughter.
yongsoon , ur sister

im not emoing
or tryin to be emo
i just tryin to let u guys say the truth'
this is not the first day u guys noe mi
u noe i dunlyk ppl to lie to mii
just tell mi the truth
thr's nth wrong
ur actions are just makin mi
tink tt u r A shuangmianren

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